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Well, sorry for the lack of blog entries lately. I have been down and out with some type of flu. I had to cancel three trips this week and I can’t remember the last time I had a fever. Anyway, I am on the mend and heading back in to the office for a few hours today. I can’t wait. I know that sounds strange but I love working. I can’t stand to be out of the office. Away from my colleagues. We have so much to do that I can’t stand missing a day.

I have been reading a lot and watching movies as well. Just read a great piece in Newsweek by Jamie Reno. Jamie is a cancer survivor and he interviewed Senator Arlen Specter about his new book detailing his own cancer experience. Jamie is a great guy who is doing so much for the cancer community. Check the article out.

Other than reading and watching movies I have been preparing for our LAF Board of Directors meeting next Monday and trying to get back to 100%. Sometimes it takes an illness to remind us of how fortunate we are.

As an aside, Lance was on Capitol Hill today meeting with a few Senators and on Friday he will give the keynote speech at a luncheon for the Intercultural Cancer Council’s meeting. I am frustrated not to be there as there are few, if any, meetings that are more inspiring and fulfilling. The energy of the graduate students and leaders of organizations from across the country is contagious. Many of my colleagues will be there and Lance is excited to participate.

More in the coming weeks. We have too much going on to be sick. LIVESTRONG Day is right around the corner and we are getting closer to our goal for having more than 500 events around the country.


  1. Ed Herndon says:

    Doug, It is so good to see Lance is still on the DC track. I miss not going to DC this year for LAF, but we are really pushing this Florida Cemtral Army in the Tampa area with the teaming of Tampa Moffitt Cancer Center on LIVESTRONG DAY. I look forward to meeting you and Lance again in the near future. Get well and we wish you better health. Ed Herndon

  2. Cindy Berry says:

    Dear Lance,
    As I feel your passion for your fight, I am also involved as the Chairperson for the Hornell, NY Relay For Life. Raising funds to find a cure for the horrid disease known to us all as “Cancer”. My dear husband of 18 years lost a valiant 10 year battle with Renal Cell Cancer this past January 3, 2008. They gave Thom 12 – 18 months on Christmas day 1997 and he gave us 9 extra years! I miss him every day and one of the last things he said to me was to never give up Relay as I have a real passion for it. So . . . I struggle daily but with a great support group of friends and family I continue on in his name. God Bless you with all you do and I am sure I will continue to support your organization in any way possible.
    Relaying for a Cure,
    Cindy Berry
    *Celebrate.** Remember. **Fight Back!
    **Relay For Life of Hornell on August 15-16,2008

  3. Christian Valenzuela says:

    G’day Lance, Your inspiration moves me.. keep your logs up , there are millions inspired by you…. just finished reading “Chasing Lance” by Marty Dugard…love his work and the comments listed. Your efforts move me to another level… we need more like you.
    I Will have to face the bike tomorrow… will be riding with your positive thoughts ..it will be an easier ride. Thanks Lance. Christian – Australia

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