Randy Pausch


If you want to see the confluence of passion, hope and inspiration watch Randy Pausch’s testimony from Congress.



  1. Brian Dowd says:

    Randy has been and will always be an inspiration to me. This video is extremely powerful. Just listen to him, “This is my widow”

    That had to take a lot just to say those words. Randy is 100% correc to say “I do not believe in – to hard.”

    As I tell my daughter Caroline and was told myself when I was a child, “nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it.”


  2. Henrike says:

    And you have to remember that he went to Congress right after he got out of hospital, after they had to get rid of some fluids around his lungs.

    Just an amazing role-model for all of us!

  3. I will forever be a huge fan of this man. For those interested in learning more about pancreatic cancer, please go to the following link. The LAF links to the organization that Randy was there to represent-PanCAN. http://www.livestrong.org/cancersupport
    go to “Diagnosis and Treatment”. Pancreatic cancer is listed there along with others and the “Additional Resources” section has info about PanCAN’s services.

  4. Randy is such an inspiration. Even as a 14 year survivor, I sometimes get “caught up in life” and take things for granted. This brings be back to reality and just reminds me that we have a lot of work to do. I can only hope that I am half as strong as Randy

  5. Randy’s refusal to be defeated should be lauded. Our focus must be on the cure within. No wonder these people can beat the odds, or expectations of their doctors time and time again. It turns out, the body is wired for survival.
    Cutting edge research in the field of epigenetics (Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D.) is showing promising data that suggests environment stimuli, not the DNA, have a greater affect the cell. Studies have shown that the membrane of the cell, is the true brain, and not the nucleus as we have accepted for so long. Consequently, only 5% of cancer and cardiovascular patients can attribute their disease to heredity (Willet 2002).
    This information can have far-reaching affects on the future of disease in our lifetime. Education on immune enhancement, and self-care will help to ease the burden of cancer diagnosis in our society, and empower a youth with knowledge about the healing power of the body and mind.

  6. Scott Joy says:

    A powerful message, forcefully delivered by a brilliant man. Thank you, Randy.

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