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Buenos Dias! Katherine here, with an update from the frozen North – Wisconsin!

Yesterday, Lance stumped for the Breathe Free Wisconsin Act with Governor Jim Doyle in Madison and Milwaukee. The Breathe Free Act is a statewide smoking ban that’s unfortunately being held hostage by a handful of legislators. Gov. Doyle has been pushing for it and Lance made the trip to help draw attention to the issue.

From the photos, you can see Wisconsinites’ enthusiasm for this law. They’ll be the 24th state in the US to go smoke free when it passes. And I say “when” because it’s just a matter of time. No matter how much some politicians want to keep this legislation from being signed into law, smoke free’s not going anywhere. The people want it and most of the legislators support it. As Lance said, it’s the moral thing to do. Let’s hope they’re successful sooner rather than later!






















  1. Mekael L. Shane says:

    To the LIVESTRONG Team,

    Hello, my name is Mekael L. Shane, and I am an Atlanta, Georgia resident. I just wanted to thank you all, for your continued fight and efforts, focused on fighting this ugly demon. Since the genesis of your journey, I have stayed glued to your steps, praying for your unencumbered progression. I have been so motivated to joining this fight, that in February of 2007, I started my own personal journey, to help in the fight, by creating a course that will allow me to conduct fund raising, that will be directed toward “Early detection and screening”, which is the focus of my drive. Cancer hits home for me, on every level, since I have lost many close friends, and family members to this dreaded disease. What compelled me most to jump into this battle, was the loss of my mother, Joyce L. Maul, to lung cancer, but before that, I lost my grandfather to prostate cancer, and my uncle David to brain cancer, as well as, acknowledging the fact that my grandmother, is a 40 year survivor of breast cancer Since February 2007, I have focused intensely on the efforts to establish a foundation in my mother’s name, which I have now been successful at doing. The Joyce L. Maul Memorial Foundation, headquartered in Atlanta, is a not-for profit 501(c)3 organization, which will direct its attention toward raising funds, awareness and education. As part of my list of goals to accomplish this mission, I have been working tirelessly, to put the mechanisms in affect, that will allow for me to climb and reach the summit of Mt. Everest. I have named this mission, ‘The Climb For The Cure Campaign’, and I have reached the point in this journey, where I now have to go about the business of raising the funds necessary to pay for the expedition, and the cost for covering the filming, as we strive to document this specific part of our journey. Lastly, in writing this comment, I simply want to say thank you to the LIVESTRONG family, for motivating not just me, but a nation, as we strive toward the demolishing of Cancer. See you at the summit!!

    Mekael L. Shane

  2. Thanks everyone for making the trip to Wisconsin. It was a special day and I can’t thank you enough Lance for taking the time to sign shirts, books and pictures. It meant the world to them. Breathe free and live strong!

  3. What a great day! Thanks for joining us in the fight against cancer and the other diseases caused by secondhand smoke in Wisconsin.

  4. To paraphrase the UW-Madison battle cry

    “Get ’em, Lance!”

    It’s time for this law to be enacted!!

    I spent too much time surrounded by secondhand smoke in my college job. We need ‘smoke free’ in all public places.

  5. Richard says:


    Thanks for coming to Madison, WI to help
    us get back our Freedom to Fresh air!

    Keep up the good work!
    Richard & Family

    Maybe one day my family and I can finally go bowling…

  6. Jason Cyr says:

    Smoke-free public places will be a welcome change in WI. Living here for 2 years after leaving FL, where a similar law was passed I have witnessed firsthand the impact that these laws have on people and it is all good. Even smokers can appreciate it.

  7. Eric says:

    Lance for President!

  8. Julie Brockman says:

    I am very touch by Mekael Shane’s story. I pray he will find the funding for his climb of Mt. Everest, ‘The Climb for the Cure Campaign’. Mekael Shane is quite the motivator! I will be praying for God to provide the funding of his mission to conquer Mt. Everest and his ongoing fight against cancer. I want to personally thank you Mr. Shane for your sincere and life threatening dedication. You should be commended for your outstanding effort in fighting this horrendous demon! I hope to live to see you at the top of the summit! God Bless You, Mekael Shane!

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