Democratic Debate at UT


Hi folks! I did something I’ve never done before yesterday, despite having worked in politics for longer than I care to remember. I was one of the sign-holding people in the crowd at UT, surrounded by my fellow LIVESTRONG Army volunteers. I usually see these events from the spin room or backstage. This was my first time in the crowd and I totally loved it.

Everyone else’s signs were for Clinton or Obama and there we were – a group of yellow-wearin’ die hards with signs like “Show Me the Money (for Cancer)!!!”. It was awesome. It was especially cool to talk to the Texans who’d turned out in support of their candidate of choice. Many of them came up to our group and thanked us for what we were doing – keeping the cancer topic on the table in this election. And lots of them had read Lance’s op ed in the Statesman and gave him props for the open letter to all the candidates. We gave out a ton of wristbands and hopefully made a few new Army recruits. Check out the photos.

My favorite is the one of us in front of the bus before we hit campus. That’s me, third from the right with my Cancer: $ Down, Deaths Up poster. Pretty proud of my handiwork on that one.










  1. Brian Dowd says:

    Thank you for being a voice!

  2. Debbie Sullivan says:

    Tomorrow is my son’s 22nd birthday. He is a 4 year testicular cancer survivor. As a swimmer and avaition major at SIU he will be competing in his last swim meet this week in Nashville, TN. He will graduate from SIU in May. Were it not for Lance Armstong and his commitment to share his story my son may very well not be alive today. We look forward now to being a part of the Livestrong Army and helping to ensure that someday, every type of cancer will have a cure and every family will get their miracle.

  3. Katherine,

    With two words and three symbols, you nailed the situation perfectly. How can any candidate not stand up and say how they will address this huge challenge? That was a great sign. It’s even ‘bumper sticker worthy’.

    Thanks to all fo your LAF Staffers for being thare. I’ve seen from experience if you make yourself available, cancer patients, and especially their friends and family will apporach you and ask for information and resources.

    Rock on Texas, make the cause known!

    ‘Yes we WILL’ change the world.

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