We are not settled back in after an incredible trip to the bayou. I don’t really know what to say about the visit to New Orleans. I was overwhelmed with emotion and excitement I have not been able to verbalize the trip and do it justice. The city is such a unique place filled with passionate residents who want to rebuild one most vibrant cultural areas on our nation. We did a very small part but we are proud of our efforts and look forward to continuing to support the region, much of which has been forgotten.

I am in New York City this week for meetings with partners and I cannot stop thinking about our team’s visit to New Orleans. That may be in large part due to the sore muscles in my arms and neck as a result of major hammering during our work with Habitat for Humanity.

I will check in more in the coming week. It will be interesting to see what happens on Super Tuesday.



  1. Brian Dowd says:

    Looks like people turned out in record numbers in some states. I do vote, but yesterdays was the first step towards the biggest vote of our lives.

    Make sure to get out an vote in November!


  2. Russ Perez says:


    You’re an inspiration my friend. I’m Stage IIB Seminoma and am starting Chemotherapy soon. I’ve been reading your book and I’m irritated that I’m almost done with it. When I get down it picks me up. Write another one will ya. Tommorow afternoon I’m getting LIVESTRONG tattoo’d on my wrist. Thank you for the journal as well. I’m making good use of it. My Blog is and it’s my story from day 1 until now.

    I’m going to try and thank you in person someday,


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