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I’m here in the Big Easy where I attended my final meeting of the President’s Cancer Panel today. The President appointed me in 2002 and the last six years have been an amazing experience. I’m including my closing remarks for you here.

Tomorrow bright and early, we start our two-day build with Habitat for Humanity in the New Orleans area. We’re building on behalf of folks who have faced the twin challenges of recovering from the hurricanes and fighting cancer at the same time. The entire LAF staff has traveled here from Austin to participate and I’m glad that Louisiana’s new governor, Bobby Jindal, and Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu are coming to help out, too. And we’re really grateful to Jim Pate and the Habitat staff for helping us make this dream a reality.

The LAF sent more than $500,000 in aid to the Gulf Coast after Katrina to help cancer survivors get treatment and the basic necessities of life. I’m looking forward to giving some hands-on help tomorrow and making an announcement about our next installment of aid.
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  1. Angela says:

    Both your story and your ongoing efforts are a source of comfort and inspiration for us all. Amazing as it seems, for the last two years, BOTH of my parents have been going through cancer. This week’s Mom’s lung cancer returned for the 3rd time and brough a couple of buddies by the name of Liver and Brain cancer with it. Immeditately I thought of your story and your website was where we turned. Before thoughts of the American Cancer society or any other group, we came to LAF. Thank you for all that you have done…there is comfort in your story and your work!

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