Happy New Year to everyone!


I, for one, am so excited about 2008. It’s going to be an amazing year for all of us at the LAF, as well as for our country. Americans have the opportunity – and the obligation – to be involved in what will probably be the most important presidential election of our lifetimes … no pressure though!

I finally made it back from the Middle East and Europe and have now just returned from an amazing adventure in Mexico with my kids. We spent the past week in Cabo San Lucas soaking up the sun – with sunscreen! – fishing, relaxing, playing and seeing friends.

We all love Mexico. The people are some of the warmest, most hospitable folks on the planet. “Gracias para todos, amigos!”

Luke caught a marlin fish one day, which was amazing. He was struggling with it and said, “I can’t do it, it’s too hard.” We all jumped up and kept encouraging him and he finally reeled in the striped beauty. I was very proud of him since he didn’t give up, even when he was getting tired. He’s only 8, after all!

His sisters were right there encouraging him as well. Very cool.

We are now back home and I am kicking off a self imposed travel ban. I’m staying home for three weeks! No one in my world believes I can do it. Ha! We shall see…

My next trip is to New Orleans for a meeting of the President’s Cancer Panel – the last meeting for me and the end of my two consecutive appointments. I’m very proud to have served and very excited to go to New Orleans.

My heart goes out to that community. Sometimes it feels as if our country has forgotten the devastation of Hurricane Katrina … such a shame. I’m looking forward to being there, meeting with the folks of ‘Nola, and, of course, hitting the French Quarter a bit.

Until next time,

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